Experienced entertainers join forces to bring you The Most Eggsellent Free-Range Entertainment. On their own, they're good. Together, they're 'Clucking Fantastic!'

With the chicken-mounted Comedy Crowd Control, the Chickens bring chaos and calamity to the most organised of crowds. They'll control the pedestrians, they'll stop and search with their sniffer chickens, they'll provide outriders for mobility scooters and they'll issue parking tickets to badly parked pushchair's! These Bobbies on Birds will provide some truly unforgettable walkabout entertainment.
Look out! Some desperados have just ridden into town. They look lean and mean (well, one looks more mean than lean!), Yes, 'Clucking Fantastic' brings you the Wild West on chickens. These cowboys like nothing better than line dancing, shooting, line dancing and more dancing! As they mosey through the town, watch them prove a chicken can run faster than a speeding bullet, see how a volunteer can become a sharp shooter andů then look at them Chickens Dance!!